Cedar Foundation in America





In 2009, it was decided that since projects in Mexico and Africa had end dates, all of the balance of CEDAR’s efforts would be directed to the USA.

That would involve a major, long-term expansion into the USA and necessitated in-depth investigation to find partners and associates that shared CEDAR’s value system and commitment. The Los Angeles/Southern California region was chosen as CEDAR’s American headquarters.

Partnerships now include: KIPP SCHOOLS, VERBUM DEI HIGH SCHOOL, TALLER SAN JOSE, and SOUTH CENTRAL SCHOLARS (SCS). In addition to supporting some SCS students, CEDAR now partners with SCS in its SUMMER ACADEMY at the University of Southern California (USC), which serves as a model of education supplementation and equalization, and which is now positioned for expansion to other major cities and Universities throughout the country.”

Addressing the needs of committed students and assisting them towards creating a better future.