Cedar Foundation’s Purpose





In 1988, Bob and Lynda Bentall created CEDAR Foundation when they decided that there would be no better way to share their wealth than to support the dreams and goals of deserving young people by making it possible for them to pursue quality education. And they knew this would be the best way to contribute to the betterment of the world since it has been proven that education is the most powerful weapon in the fight against poverty, disease, despair and hopelessness.

Over time, this concept became an international journey from Canada, to Mexico, to Kenya, to South Africa, and finally to the USA.

With CEDAR Foundation’s support and educational opportunities, thousands of young people have experienced positive changes in their socio-economic status, as well as in their accessibility to Human Rights protection and community
recognition. These numbers will continue to expand as the work and dedication of CEDAR Foundation continue through 2030.

The founders and staff of CEDAR Foundation are deeply grateful for the privilege of being able to share the energy, growth, intelligence and joy of our students around the globe.

Addressing the needs of committed students and assisting them towards creating a better future.